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Heol Telwen > An Deiz Ruz > 9 - Kan ar Kern

Oh so many battles
Have unfolded before us
In the sun, in the mist,
In the moors standing
We live through times and times
And witness all of all kind
From the mountains or the sea
History is engraved in our skin
Gods have risen from our ranks
And blood has sanctified us Stones
A ship landing, and a battle to come,
We’ll be blessed by sounds of rage

Time slow down, History come
With hammer, burin and poetry,
None to discuss, but rise their swords
Those from the Land, those from the Sea
“Allez camarades, tirez sur les rames!
Nous allons brûler leurs terres
Et violer leurs femmes,
Allez mes frêres, tirez sur les rames!
Détruire leurs sanctuaires
Et prendre leurs âmes”




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