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Narrator :
Facing the sea,
On the top of the old cliff
Bitten by the winds

Remembering the past
When Ker Ys was the greatest city
Of Armoric coast

Waiting for the day when the winds
Of destiny will blow again on Brittany

The day when these winds will sweeping away Gwenolé son's
And their single god,
In a flood of blood and scum

Keltian :

"Gwenolé son's will have to pay. Paying for their infamy
For the glory of our gods, their corpses will be thrown to waters
Their corpses will be thrown
To the dark waters
Their corpses will be thrown
As our sacrifice

For the glory of our gods and the honor of our ground
We will gash their flesh and nail their heads on the houses door's
For the glory of our land and honor of our clans
We will feast till dawn and drink in the victory horn"

Narrator :

Turning toward the sea
Screening the horizon
Waiting dahud return's
To lead our people
And reconquer our world

Dahud :
"I was from the sea
At the Dusk of a golden age
When our god cross our lands
And when the oaks went up high

I was die by the sea
At the dawn of a dark age
When the lonely god has come
And when our oaks has became churchs "





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