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Guns N' Roses > The Spaghetti Incident? > 4 - Human Being

1, 2, 3,4
Oh yeeeahh
Oh yeeeeeeahh

Well ifyou don't like it
Go aheadfind yourself a saint
Go aheadnow try to find a boy
Who's gonnabe what I ain't

What youneed is a plastic doll
With afresh coat of paint
Who's gonnasit through all the madness
And alwaysact so quaint
I said- a, oh yeah, well - a

It's yournew friend
Makinga scene, and I've seen you
Bouncingaround, from machine to machine
But youknow that

They'renever really
Never reallywhat they seem
And youcan count on
Generatesome warmth, then you'll
See justwhat I mean
Oh baby,baby, baby yeah


And if I'macting like a king
Don't yaknow it's cos uh I'm a human being
And ifI want too many things
Don't yaknow it's cos I'm a human being
And ifI've got to dream
Don't yaknow it's cos I'm a human being
And whenit gets a bit obscene
Don't yaknow it's cos I'm a human being
I don'tgotta walk around with my head on down
Just likea human... oh no a human being
I can holdmy head so high
Just likea human
A realproud human being

Won't yougive me a little sip
Why won'tyou give me a drag of that cigarette
Why don'tyou try to give me something
That I'llnever ever forget, but now
Could youblow it all
On a milliondollar bet
Becauseyou're liable to lose it
On a bestlovin' you've had yet
Oh babybaby, oh yeah


It's likeI'm talkin' 'bout the human race
You'retryin' to cover up a big disgrace
Oh baby,yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on,come on, come on, come on

Well I maythink that
This wholescene is just a too appalling for me
Well, Imay be the type who's just mad about
Funny littlething that I see, but I can
Colourthat with history, and make it
Just whatI want it to be, well I'm
Blowin'my change on the fan magazines
With allthe Hollywood refugees
Oh babybaby oh yeah





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