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Fun Lovin' Criminals > Welcome To Poppy's > 5 - Friday Night

The night is calling me and I just can't wait

My girl is all dressed up, gonna stay out late

Got my whip on blocks so I can be care free

I may love them cops but they don't love me

I rock the conga line with my bad left leg

You know I'm bona fide so y'all can all get bent

F**k the war on drugs, f**k that Bin Laden

Y'all can't mess with us 'cos where you never been I'm in, yeah


In the city it's Friday night

Is you're with me? it's Friday night

We're gettin' busy it's Friday night

In the city it's Friday night


We don't wait on the line, we don't pay for the drinks

You know the owner is my man, we got it locked like Brinks

That's Mateo on the decks, play my favourite song

In the DJ booth my man is hitting on a bong

I tip the waitress big, I tip the bus-boy too

I used to work that job but now I work for yous

Yeah, We live til we die, I ain't g'in while we try

I got my loved ones by my side, I keep my eyes on the prize


Love me, don't you ever change

Love me, don't you ever change

Love me, don't you ever change

Love me, don't you ever change

Rpt chorus x4




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