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Forrest Jump > Killusion > 4 - Red Wishes

Groan in my neck still frozen
Never seen, never trying to be chosen
To hear through the liar´s speech
´cause he mean there is nothing to reach

Readin´ the sun I´m just man who can beat him
Beating the sun I´m just man who can read him
When I´m waitin´ you come
I´m just man who believe you
Believin´ you
I´m just man who can wait you come

Red wishes
Red wish is my blood

Empty blast
Breaks my crust
It´s too fast
It feeds my sadness
Spreading must
Wants to bust
Me to dust
It feeds my wildness
Empty blast
Bust my crust
Fast to dust
And makes me hateless

Road to nowhere dressed in red
I know it´s circle in my head
Please forgive me that I´m glad
I know you want me to be scared

Readin´me, beatin´me
Sleepin´ and dreamin´
No thanks I am leavin´

Red wish is my blood

Empty blast …

Reading the sun …





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