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Forrest Jump > Killusion > 11 - Lost Again Again

Milions of stars are preparing my dreams
And I´m still dreaming of the only thing
The only thing is …
You know what I mean
The only thing is to know

Milions of stars are preparing my end.
I feel it, I feel it so close
Before my scream
There´s only one question
The answer I should know

Why do you wanna bring me down
I hate your hope you can bring me down
Why do you wanna bring me down
Are you prepared to kill the clown

Everything is clear everything is fear
Find me bored I´m lost again
Many words but the only one thought which hurts
Find me hated but I´m lost again
Filthy girls ´n´ filthy boys ´n´ filthy dogs
Find me proud I´m lost again
I love girls ´n´ I love boys ´n´ I love dogs
Find me loved because I´m lost again

I gave you the sunshine and you gave me your eyes
Now you´re waiting for my suicide
Waiting for my cry

I gave you …

Everything is …

Still like burning but my thoughts burn too slow
I realy don´t know any reason why you want me to know
What I like what I hate
One more question one more answer and then let´s celebrate

Why do you …

I gave you …





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