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Forrest Jump > Killusion > 6 - Final Countdown

Try to close my eyes by sand
And I will thank to you, my friend
I´m thinking of my chance, my price
Please make me understand

Sparkling blood and bloody mud
And no one watching me
Wiping out my loving clouds
And there´s no power to breathe
Screaming child inside of me
Longing for someone´s help
Teach me what is good and wrong
I´ll learn it by myself

I am not proud that I am so sorry
That I´m in a hurry
To have your thoughts
I´m not proud of my old glory
The oldest story
Rolls and rolls

The highest wall I´ve ever seen
Is breaking all the creed
The highest wall I´ve ever seen
Is made of memory

I am not proud of I am …

Hey, the final countdown

The highest …

Screaming child iside of me …

Hey, the final countdown





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