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Forrest Jump > Afforrestation > 1 - My Might

Hey man, come here and listen to me
It´s just a moment but you´ll see the whole truth.
I can change your life and all your thoughts

Crawlin´in my teeth
I´m fallin´on my knees

I´d like to tell you the only vision,
Which is truly right
Anything you will do you should do for me
So what do you say?

My truth still grows up to the sky
If you are unbeliever die
Everywhere you´ll see my sign
If you´re still unbeliever die

I hope he´s right ´cause there´s noone to lead
There is noone who feeds my mind
Livin´me i´ll die

My truth …

The only way to satisfy my need
Is to enforce my thoughts and might
Lovin´me I´ll die

I lie, so what?
I´m a liar, so what?

My truth …





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