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Forgotten Silence > The Nameless Forever...The Last Remembrance > 6 - The Hills of Senyaan Pt. I.

A nightmare is bleeding compared with time. I know this night.. night.. sacred night of Senyaan!!!... Clear blue sky, free strong birds.. a magic bells are carried by the wind.... I wake up, but I sleep still.. the only way to the Senyaan hills!! THE HILLS OF SENYAAN.... where nature meets a man!! Songs of Senyaans are flying in air, an ancient nation lives at heel of the hills.. strong and proud – with Midir as the king... and sweet Nonnie!... she’s a mistress of silver air... she’s a unearthly lovely star... she’s a witch, and she knows blood of night!! That witch gives a night moontrips, a walks through the woods of luminous trees.... the games with the chains of morning new pearls... I want to be there........ in the Senyaan... hills!!!! The hills of Senyaan... where nature meets a man..........




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