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Forgotten Silence > The Nameless Forever...The Last Remembrance > 3 - The Crystalline Hearts (Marble Halls II.)

he unknown faces are sitting in a circle and I’m swallowing their thoughts, perhaps I’m god now. – one of people. It was getting dark more than whenever before, but the untouchable points are shining from their “inside”... Each of them puts his heart on a white ritual board... marble bated its breath.. pieces are joining up to from a big figure.. which is changing...... My eyes are so blind.. the light of the hearts is growing stronger and stronger...... the shine is tearing my eyes from the eyeholes.. and they are talking to me by an ancient language... which I know!!! The light is everywhere. I’m somewhere else..... the blue flashes are coming through the white darkness.. my body wants to cry for help, but my soul is crying NO!!.. pleasant heat, pleasant cold... the ORGASM OF CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!! I’m in a big marble hall, full of the blue colonnades as high as the sky.... were sitting at the rich laid table, we taste the unknown fruit and drinks.. were watching the golden butterflies climbing the smooth columns, everybody is strange, but so acquaintance.. their shiny hair, soft voices and those long tables.. the black dogs, which can speak.. the beings with two heads.. the beautiful women waking up the desire, sweet children playing on the big carpets.. people with the horns on their heads are drinking to life.. wine is sparking in the crystal glasses and giving the feeling of the absolute harmony...... NOW!!!! Everything has gone.. the empty tables are falling in the marble floor, a dark violet carpet covered luminescent marble... and within sound of incredible melody from the depth..... a silver fountain full of sparking spectrum water is pulling out of the floor....!!!! The stream is jetting high, there is dividing into two and shining by the unknown light. The melody came to the end.... we’re drinking to life... the Eternal life!!.. were sitting down in the feather beds. The music begins again.. the top of time fountain is shining...... the eyes are defending themselves, but the look is still lasting. I’m turning around my head and I want to look farther. Up there the outline of somebody’s figure is looming misty.... the shade is so sad.. oh no.. as bewitched.. I’m standing up from the holding of those nice people and I’m going towards the shade.. the others are hooding and smiling, some are thoughtful.. I’m going.. her hands.. NOW a sharp flame flashed from the stream, perhaps I can’t breathe.. perhaps I’m already in Eternity, perhaps.... girls from the flame........... I’m penetrating into the flame... I’m floating, I’m feeling very good – however I’m in a blaze... now... the mergence with the surroundings... watermarks... THE ORGASM OF THE SOUL!!!!!!!!




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