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Forgotten Silence > The Nameless Forever...The Last Remembrance > 4 - ...from the Flame

..I hope, you reveal my mystery, hidden so far away from me, so far as Senyaan hills lies... disclose your life.......... A sharp shining is standing in my aching eyes, a girl is coming out of the flames.. the tears are running out of her eyes – tears as a white n fresh pearls.. oh, my brain feels these whiles.. some kind of hysteria, I’m trembling, I’m screaming the inaudible words... now she has opened her purple lips... Wax drops – are flowing down the lace, Cry – out! part of your life died... like a soft small bell, like breeze, which is playing with her soul.. which is playing with my soul... The mystery is attacking my soul, my life and foreboding.. speaks with me, speaks with shadows.. tonight!! My corpse is desolate, I’m one of Em.. the breath.. of my head is resting on a pink dream cloud.......... She kept looking into my eyes, and began to talk by her charming voice, her black hair hidden under the hood... she seems to have smiled now!!! ......... . . . . .




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