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Foo Fighters > Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace > 7 - Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up is Running)

It was meant to be
but all along it never meant a thing
never stopped to ask you why
you didn't pass me by
did you see me in your life
flash before your eyes
was it just that i wasn't hard enough,
hard enough for you

Stop using my
wait, wait

theres a world out there
Don't you deny me
give me one last wish
theres a world out there

i solved them all
all your mysteries
settle down and in good time
we can solve all mine
tell me lies or tell me when
tear me up again
I will let you know
when I've had enough,
had enough of you

I know you've got your reasons
hey lets call it even
turn out all the lights and go to bed
Still I get this feeling
no one will believe me
when i let these ghosts outside my head





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