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Fferyllt > Unreleased > 1 - Vikings' Home

Between two rocks I see the drakkars,
It's time to welcome our fathers and sons.
The wind will bring their loud glade voices,
That warm our hearts like morning sun.

And we will run so faster to seashore,
Will meet the winners with sorrows and smiles.
Two crows are spinning higher and higher,
They hurry to Asgard so rash and so wild...

Odin waits for the news from his sons
Of battle on which he has blessed them,
Will the fight bring to them only win
For which they have cried out his name...

How the rulers of seas have survived,
Their power of blood have sinked enemies' naves.
Directing the ships from island to island
They have killed their owners or turned into slaves.

Now remember the sweet time of battles
When our cries were merging with grinding steel...
In times of war
Our hearts never sore,
In chase of new lands we were ready to kill!
In times of war
We have been restored
The Odin's power, the Aesir's will!

Crows have returned and were spinning around us
All the time we have been on our way.
Traces of lightning under black water
Was a sign in the dark, did not lead us astray.

Father Thorr! Let us to follow
Show us your Hammer, your power to kill!
In time of war
We have been restored
The Odin's power, the Aesir's will!

Between two rocks I see the rainbow,
Heimdall is staying on the bridge under us...
He'd followed the winners returning to home
While night will shine by big northern stars.

And they are coming out from the drakkars
With tired faces and blood on their hands,
But they are looking at beloved land
Highly rising their long-haired heads...




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