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Faithless > Outrospective > 5 - Muhammad Ali

If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as a super
star and you'll have time to waste with your minions and tink
I see your face in front of me,
Still grainy from that old black and white TV
My whole family silenced,
Watching you shape destiny with your 2 hands,
Faster than the eye can see...


You know what skinny lickle me started to struggle,
10 years old suddenly bold
Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring...
Be smart never give an inch, No retreating
an I racked up respect from teachers, Red Necks
And creatures who attack in a pack like insects.
Never seen the like not before or
Since, a young prince
An I remain convinced of his invincibility
Athletic agility, virility,
Still a free spirit, forever through eternity
stingin' like a bee...
Mr Muhammed Ali.

I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!

Your achievements defy belief from the belly of the beast Rising like yeast,
yo, My release from low self esteem
Came when I saw you rapping on my TV screen.
Float like a butterfly,
That describes my walk to school after fight night
I felt so cool cause I was the greatest too,
Love of self born simply out of love for you,
And I knew that someday people would love me too.
None of that hecklin' about my black skin got through,
I would walk barefoot through hell for you,
It's how I felt back then an still do, so will you
accept these humble words of praise,
And my gratitude for those glorious days
And meritorious ways instilled in the a young mind.
Skill sublime,
yours to mine!

I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!




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