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Eluveitie > Slania / Evocation I – The Arcane Metal Hammer Edition > 11 - Slanias Song > gb anglický překlad

Grimm battles
Against countles foes
Have steeled you
From the shores of the rhine
To the tops of the Alps,
your fair meadows
Your rank heathlands

The choirs bards
Sing the glory
Of the undying names
Of fallen heroes
That gave their lives
Their blood
For the freedom of their fatherland

Oh, soverignyty of my fathers
Oh, land of my countrymen!
From our root sprang
A glorious nation
Of dure heroes

Oh, dulcet blossom of the living world!
Oh my fatherland, oh my helvetia

Your woman and maids
Noble and fair
Your higest men
To this brave song
Their join in
The sword in my hand
I stand up and sing:





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