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Dry Kill Logic > Of Vengeance And Violence > 2 - My Dying Heart

No warning, no hesitation and nothing left to prove
Divided, the strength is fading
Power you seek you use, this hatred is overwhelming
And only seems to show no mercy
The freedom's calling, bury the hatchet in vain
If only the chosen one had here the last time
Who saw the ending before it all began?
(When the dreams were shattered)
And who went running before we took our stand?
(With your wings now severed)
Forgotten, the words have meanings
No ashes turned to stone and these questions
Will have no answers and won't leave you alone
The scarring, this damage done now
The cuts run far too deep
With vengeance and violence rising
The time has come to destroy
The living and dying heart has beaten for the last time
Never take a life worth living
The lifeblood runs black from killing
What you offer ain't worth giving


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