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Dry Kill Logic > Dead And Dreaming > 1 - Lost

I have nothing-everything's taken from me/ Force what's inside out on those that try to hide/ No give all take –this will bend but never break/ I see I hate all the love you try and fake

Chorus: These are the things and the ways that will blind you All alone inside so you follow On your knees do you spit or you swallow? Without you I'm…Lost

3 things ring clear Truth be told is what you fear/ So is it true indifference has spoiled you?/ How can you fed- ignorance in bliss is real?/ Soon you'll be gone and the rest will carry on/


See the ways I've/ Gone and I've tried/ Never dismissed/ With only one wish/ To be seen/ Having to be heard/ Cause it's never been the same/ Since you ignored all this/ Life passed you by having seen the well is dry/ All in due time-feeding off the compromise/ Fuck that-fuck you/ Careful what you wish is true/ Who will fall last?/ Having seen the failure pass



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