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Dry Kill Logic > Dead And Dreaming > 3 - Buckles

Pain-is deserved/ For there's one thing you've forgotten to/ Say- to acknowledge/ That you've taken what's been given/ Away-for the last time/ And there will be NO forgiveness/ Today-nor ever/ As the walls close in around you… … within these walls

Chorus: I spend/ All my life/ searching for something/ And it starts to seem like it's a lie/ The more you run, the less your chances/ Are you scared to quit? Scared to die?

Because it's all my life (chorus)

NO/ Shame- you're feeling/ As the choices made reveal what/ Remains- forever/ Soon you start to lose your sense of/ Control- As its fading/ As you sense that it is slipping/ Away0 like old time/ Now it all comes back to haunt you/… …within these walls

Chorus (leave out last part (scared to die)

Scared to be ALONE/ You want and need to be ALONE/ Now as you strive to be ALONE/ Now I'm afraid to be ALONE/ But that goes away…/ Within these walls I spend/ Within these walls I spend

Chorus x2


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