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Drake > Take Care > 20 - Hate Sleeping Alone

Cause if I wasn't who I am she wouldn't be moving in right now
But instead we're moving slow I guess she's used to it by now
And she gives me all her trust and I'm abusing it right now
But this money comin' in is just confusing shit right now
You just told me I ain't shit and I guess I'm proving it right now
I say I'd rather be with you but you are not around so Ima call somebody up and see if they be down
Cause I hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
Half the time we don't end up fuckin, I don't ask her for lovin', leave me in the mornin', I don't see 'em for months but I just hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
So she’s here and were both so throwed
Hotel to hotel girl I could use your company
Full name and birthday I book a flight you come to me
But she don't want a weekend she wants all of me or none of me
If she can't work with all of me then she say she done with me
You say that you over me you always end up under me
You know how it goes don't be crazy don't act dumb with me
Dont start with yo shit I put you back in yo place she tells me "I bet you won't, you won't say that to my face" and hang up yeah, how dare you tell me it's tougher for you like I don't hear about the niggas you fuckin' with too and whoever I be with they got nothin on you thats just something to do when there's nothin to do yeah, but shes losing it right now she has choices she should make I think she's choosing it right now one more chance to make it right I think I'm using it right now
You just said I never...




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