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Don Dokken > Up from the Ashes > 9 - Stay

(dokken, brown)

Girl, when I think of you, you know it makes me sad
And I wonder, wonder about what we had

Say were over baby t
That were through
Cant believe it say that its not true
Please believe me when I say I do
Im still loving you,loving you
Loving you

Wont you stay
Cant you see my love is waiting here
Darling, stay
Dont you leave me drowning in my tears

Do ya love me baby let me know
Show your feelings
cause I gotta know

Am I wasting my time, am I being a fool
For loving you, loving you
Every night your name is on my lips
I feel your body at my fingertips
Please beleive me when I say I do
Am I a fool?


Wont you touch me and stay for awhile
I need you so badly
Wont you stay




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