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DJ Drama > Gangsta Grillz The Album > 4 - Keep It Gangsta

(feat. Yo Gotti, Webbie and Lil Boosie)

[Intro: Talking]
What it do dawg?
It's ya boy Young Gotti
You Know I'm Affiliated With Them Affiliates
And this that Gangsta Shit

Dope Money, Glock 40 make My Pants sag
White tee, red hat, no flag
I'm a Keep it Gangsta[4x]
Rolly watch, ya chain ain't shinin like mine
I'm in the club and ain't throwin no signs
I'm a Keep It gangsta[4x]

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
I'm a gangsta nigga
I got a gangsta grill
A nigga signed with stunna got like a half a mil
Alotta hatin' they don't wanna see a gangsta chill
So I'm like fuck it I'm a tell um' how a gangsta feel
Why is it the industy fake cause ain't no gangstas in it
But every mu'fucka wanna play that gangsta image
Nigga rap abotu bricks then they get all excited
I rap about dope cause I sold it and pray I don't get indited
And I ain't throwin no signs claimin no colors or shit
But got that p90 ruger and nigga it get ugly in this bitch
While she be watchin' my rearview
I'm speakin' in codes cause I'm in a gangsta nigga
And I stay in gangsta mode

Wife beater, 600 hundred dolla pants on
Hundred grand on
Nigga I know what tha fans want
I'm a Keep It gangsta[4x]
Take this rap and this fame shit from me
Security, jewler, iron all I really need
I'm a Keep It gangsta[4x]

[Verse 2: Webbie]
Feast ya eyes on a G
Suprise yea it's me
Keep my eyes in tha mirror
4-5 on tha seat
Ride mine on them feet
I can ride on any street
I ain't 'even gotta hide from a nigga cause I'm street
I'm a die up in these streets
My mind already made up
All my niggas K'd up
Ready for whatever come
Every nigga gettin' money
Stuntin' ain't no thang to me
Them hoes saw my phantom comin' thought I was Jeramaine dupree
Just holla'd at my nigga B
I told him it's time to roll
He told me nigga I know
I told him nigga let's go
Gangsta Musik 2
Let's give the streets that one there
And I bet a million real niggas gonna get this bitch off the shelf
I bet these niggas gone love to stop me and my lil thug too
Trill finna lock it
Just watch me and my lil thug too
Everybody love us
So what's with ya, show um love too
Ya fuckin' with a busta
We bust um' up
You get drug too

Tank top, big watch, big glock
I'm a get rich or die tryna make it to tha top
I'm a Keep It gangsta [x4]
Life stories, real shit, real facts,
Real niggas, real bitches feel that
I'm a Keep It gangsta [x4]

[Verse 3: Boosie]
I spit this shit from tha bottom of my stomach
So try some shit I knock tha bottom out ya stomach
Ain't nothin'
Momma like oooo my baby boy thuggin'
In love with guns and he can't stop clubbin'
Never could tell him nothing
Fuck with real G's, with big nuts, who flips keys on highways
Playa made niggas mayne who flip hoes off myspace
Luxury and drive way let ya roof back nigga
That half a pill ain't doin' tha job? then throw ya 2 back nigga
My time to shine
Niggas playin' but I'm bout my business
Asked to drop one off tha top
Tha whole world know I'm tha sickest
Red monkey's to dickies, nigga got every color
From gangsta 8 to 28
Niggas got many hustles
My brothers they trill fam
Love me because I'm loyal
Do keep this shit strapped
Cause my watch will get me kidnapped
From my block to yo trap
Niggas heads get bust, feds get dust
My trill niggas out chere ready to bust
It's gangsta

Tank top, big watch, big glock
I'm a get rich or die tryna make it to tha top
I'm a Keep It gangsta[4x]
Life stories, real shit, real facts,
Real niggas, real bitches feel that
I'm a Keep It gangsta[4x]

[Outro: DJ drama talking]
Dj Drama
Quality STREET Music
They can't fuck with us




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