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DJ Drama > Gangsta Grillz The Album > 9 - Katt Williams Interlude

Is this cotton candy kush, or is this ummm...urkle's gift? oh ohh, this is krypter-chronic-killer-like nigga. ah ah ah ah, I'm gonna blow it into the speakers, see if you could get high, watch. I like weed in all of it's possible variations. I like it in a blunt, I like it in a joint, I like a volcano where it's in a big ass bag like a hot air balloon where you can just take a little, take a little, take a little, hold. that shit is so cold, hahaha. But you know, it don't really matter to me. I'll do it in one of those lil glass pipes too. If I'm fuckin wit some of my wife's friends I'll hit the mothafucking bong, cause I ain't got no problem, weekend hookuh you know what it is. I ain't got no problem. I'll stick a hole in a apple, nigga i been in the counties. What the fuck is you talkin bout? Haha I dont give a fuck nigga, you jus gimme a good bud and i'll put it between my mouth and gum nigga and have some weed snuff. I don't give a fuck I'll spit it




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