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Dismember > Where Ironcrosses Grow > 2 - Forged With Hate

Stranger to empathy, numb to remorse, when I've taken your head I'm the winner of wars
So intense and demanding the vengeance inside, my will for power will never subside
Outgrowing sane control, I'm as close as your heartbeat
When only fear is audible screaming your name, dread the last sense that remains in this game
Stab my way through religious beliefs, life is such a slow disease
Faced down and thrashed to oblivion
Forged with hate
Concealed murder a tool of the trade, fate is sealed and deals are made
Fear established in society, smoke and shadow I chose to be
Embrace the moment of death
Reflect the invittions in my victims eyes, cut off their faces and all the lies
Behind the masks that haunt me all is hollow, still I search benath the raptures of the shallow
Now it all comes clear
After this there'll be nothing to fear


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