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Dismember > The God That Never Was > 8 - Into The Temple Of Humiliation

Long since dust the ethics of man
Unanimous prayer nothing more than grains of desert sand
The salvation they strive for will not come from above
I’ll keep watching them from below keeping a blade to hand

When gods are dethroned and prophets lie dead
Long dead lords awaiting fire ahead

Serpent from forgotten depths
Turning whispers into roars
Forever changing
The martyr’s heaven bound course

Another burst of crimson
To the sea already spilt
Blood raining down
On mosques and temples like guilt

Angel of punishment
Obscuring the sky
Shaped from redemption
Selling suicide

Haunted eyes
Something dead
Resides inside

Unwelcome in this tomb
Destined to terror a promise breeding from darkened wombs

Raw fear the sharpest weapon at war
Fanatic madness profound naming the path of the pure
Paramount desire burning at the stake
To avenge something sacred a message of unending hate

The ground will drink their blood when I’ve cut their throats
Into the temple of humiliation the righteous will float


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