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Dismember > Massive Killing Capacity > 9 - Casket Garden

[l: Estby, m: Cabeza/Sennebaeck/Estby]

Inherit the nigtmares-can't put
Them to sleep
Rainstorm of chaos awaiting
Speaking the truth-
Considered a crime
A world with murder on its mind

Believe; be deceived - a wound
Never closing
We're racing the rate -
Humantity's losing
Under the gun of a hation
Machine infected system

In the casket carden
Bonewhite, bloodred
In the casket garden
Dealing with the dead

The blaming days are over
Too late
Falling into the arms of hate
Witness the executiom of mind
Feeding another killing kind

In the casket garden
Bonewhite, bloodred
Dealing with the dead
Spiders in the web
Just hate and thread


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