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Dismember > Death Metal > 9 - When Hatred Killed The Light

[Music: F. Estby, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. K„rki.]

A dark age has befallen man
powernations gear up for war
welcome to a time of death
the eradication has begun
eyes melt into their holes
as they gaze at the brilliant light
screaming in pain as life burns away
engulfed in a fiery hell

Strategic bombers, Missiles and Subs
unleash their deadly load
chemicals and bio-agents
form lethal poison clouds

The final conflict
judgement time
the day when hatred killed the light

Winds of fire
rage across earth
and mankind
cease to exist

Feel the skin
peel from your bones
as the heatwave
blows you away
all that remains
of all the victims
is the shadows
that's burnt into the walls

A fire ridden wasteland
is all thet's left
where life once thrived
nothing but ash remain


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