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Depresy > Psychomantium Phenomenon > 7 - Metaphysical Implication of Evil (Spiritual Cremation)

Magic geometry
Forlorn prayer cemetery
False Messiah
Sanguinary gate leading to Assiah

Crown of thorns, baby’s giggling
Galaxies created for eternal sin
Moist tombs, guilt of love
Death is the only certainty
Being the route to new life

By destructive flame heavens flared
Cinder is creeping on sanctity chimera
In freezing shine of midnight suns
Lifeless light devoted to night

Everything breeds, everything dies
Eternity between two heartbeats flows
None of the stars is timeless
Only infinite black darkness
It was origin – comprehend
‘t was beginning, ‘t will be end

Magic geometry
Desperate prayer cemetery
Fake Messiah
Burning gate leading to Assiah

Pain and delight, temple of lust,
Vision of power and glory wheedles Black and white, no middle curse
Without kiss of vice we don’t know virtue
Through evil we learn

Evil is not only absence, it’s forcing power,
Living spiritual being,
To which we behold, being aware of it

Blaze communes on heaven’s throne,
When weakness and acrimony are born
Creature of angel sows to souls:




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