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Depresy > Psychomantium Phenomenon > 8 - Crepuscular Conquest

Lie down, my friend, into the bed of home
Let the dream protect you from coming of night
Enchained prejudice leave in irons
In celebration of dusk I devote to might

Human era formed by myths at fires, whatever is heard in gales…

Eyes of fear open agape
When night is chilly, tenebrous and wicked
Wait for early coming of new morning
When birth of sun denotes victories

The night arise even from east
And Muses are born by waning Luna
Morel-black art I create with heart
Ambient crawls in silence feast

Search the forgotten light of noon
In unclean powers of silver moon
In its influence well-known timber
Is changing to calm ghastly chamber

Each light is shadowing
And shadows are seducing
Dark companion follows me
From dusk to dusk…

Try to find beauty in miraculous night of Saovine…

Embedded to night like ivy and tree
I wait for hunt with elate soul
Only morning sun will scare away
Feathers of angels under nest of eagle- owl




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