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Depresy > Psychomantium Phenomenon > 9 - Cosmic Tragedy

Justice and wisdom, as other things
Which are very sympathetic
Which attracts so many souls
Have in their earthly shape barely glitter

Only a few people can face its forms
And enter the palace with numb senses
They hardly notice genuine substance
They hardly notice genuine tenet

At that time of beginning
When we were proceeding
In the cue of beatifics
Glorious beauty was shining

We were staring in bright shine
At immaculate revelations
Rejoicing in dedication of perfectness
Unremarked by something, which name is flesh

Everything here by spirit created
Is bounded back to matter
True pleasure never came here
Lamentable twisted place

Captured in slavery of our passion
For eternal yearning of knowledge
Beings robbed by matter, without memories
With no understanding the causes in wheel of Karma process

Everything like a dream and nightmare is
The truth rests in awakening
We bow before limitations of our mind
Like flowers in breath of nocturnal cold

Lifeless emotions ignorance rules without logic of guilt
Breaking the seventh seal is urgent
In this laterna magika of sorrow
A new king is crowned

However bright flame accrue from the sky
What was dust, stone will be,
Which’s glory endures ages

Cosmic tragicomedy for single spectator will be over




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