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Depresy > Psychomantium Phenomenon > 2 - Blind Equilibrium (A Complete Degeneracy of Perfect Cosmological Principles)

Within universe without illusions and light
Wanders stranger in human masque
Inside a cage of sickly mind
Dwells clean state, sprouting seed, metaphysics disappears

From darkness we inure to live
Before we start to think
Gnawing worm is inside of me
Preparing in subtlety of heart as a great masterpiece

Musing obstructs internal rest
Knowledge of world drowns in scepsis, everything vanishes in mist
Time evaporates to infinity
And touch of lethargy quickens latent acerbity

Fetter of life forged by the great ideas says
That religion and science transcend living – give it sense
That fallacy on people not living for their lives,
But for hope which betrays them when eternal gloom will come

Collapse of all belief systems leads to universal nihilism,
Hopelessness and collapse of civilisation
All those who search for eternal life will find eternal death
And those who search for logic will swallow absurdity

In their ash I’m wading towards the jerkiness
Where illogical trends formed principles of logic
Wittingly manipulated with "similar" as with "same"
But nothing is the same itself and prevailing winds blind again

From ruins of assertions I’m gazing alone,




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