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Depresy > Psychomantium Phenomenon > 5 - Anamnesis

My origin is in fire of vernal space
Each atom in my flesh
Was here long before living
In flames I witnessed cosmos coming

I hold the legacy of long-lived energy
Floating balance disguised in evolution
Along with dust of space ancestry
I shield the inner flame of stellar cremation

Revolted demigod burned his bridges
Escape from nature, where true wisdom mature
And he never found again the lost virtue

But man stole the fire and all elements enclosed
Searched for Khaos’ source, when space-time arose
Staring beyond horizon as his twilight grows

In cold dark oblivion ideas are drowning
Knowing my grave by heart
From beginning I lay inside
Whenever I rise in superior form of living

I materialized and love beauty
But I’m wading in the dirt of world
That mud overflows history of cruelty
Through senses of man to time-eternity

Constant presence of death allures me
As much as it dreads you
I’m being, that came from deep space to Earth

Myriads of fiery spots surround me
In their stable beams I see the past
I remember my burning in stars




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