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Delusion > Congratulations > 10 - In the name of God

Who are you,who are you,
you obsessed bearers of Evil?
Who are you, who are you,
You killers in the name of God?

The ritual
Ridden by perversion
For the pleasure of Evil
All this in the name of God

Crosses on fire
Killed off villages
Mind under domination
The mass madness
Collective offering
of innocent souls
disgust and hate
blood of pain.

In the name of God
Who was to brought to life
as a fall guy
to embrace and to forgive
whilst the old scratch
takes delight in blood
and holocaust.

The delivery designed by men
Is knocking on the hell gate
And the same time
-in closeness to God-
waiting for forgiveness.

Killers washed away their sins
And constituted a new code:
My god isn´t yours.
That´s why I hate you.


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