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Delusion > Congratulations > 7 - How much

You´ll leave us only a little and we´ll be satisfied
You´ll feed us with the blab and we´ll eat it
How much will you take us away to awaken?

Time to wake up, time to break
I breathe in and I scream
Hear of my voice
I´m start the revolution of my life.

Like puppets on strings
We´re wating for your drug
Where has been mistake made
That we decieve ourselves
Being alive we´re crushed out.

Somehere inside of darkness circle
Voices were damped down
As an effort to enforce your world
There we lost ourselves.

Acclimatized to the ambient
Acclimatized to the supermacy
We´re waiting for the other day
Full of devious illusions.
Do not decieve ourselves.

You left us only a little and we were satisfied
You fed us with the blub and we eat it.
Where has been mistake made?
Where has been mistake made?
Where does the brim of our indifference lie?


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