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Delusion > Congratulations > 3 - Fight for something

Every pain once passes
Everyone gets his due
I´m said to believe it
I´m said to put with it
They´re saying „ Just drop it ‘‘
„ Just let sleeping dogs lie ‘‘
I´m said to understand
I´m said to comply with it

It´s a strange world, a world of hypocrites
So much i would like to believe in something
So much i would like to fight for something
But show me a thing that is worth it

Every hot-head cools once down
Every stab loses it´s edge
Everyone though in mind´s secrecy
Longs for career and wealth
I´m said to understand it
I´m said to believe it
I´m said to comply with it

They teach you to obey laws and moral codes
Teaching you to love authorities and count as well on justice
And as you grow up showing you , you can fuck off
All they´ve hammered intro your head It´s true

They take away your faith spuiling your ideals
Throwing it like trash into the dustbin
Teaching to fear the authorities
How to crawl in their ass how to bow your back
Teaching you to hate laws but be afraid
Of making a step aside
They teach you not to believe in justice


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