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Deine Lakaien > Forest Enter Exit > 8 - Don't Wake Me Up

Waiting at the door in the garden of delight
Next day is almost gone, memories glance inside
Listen to a voice that we know so well
The voice of faith
The voice that came one day
That day when we know where we had to go

See the silent thunder echo by
We will never come back from this flight
We are longing for a new escape
Don't wake me up don't wake me up...
Swinging through the air on a golden leaf

From above the twinkling eye is watching me
Only me and you but where have all the hopes
And glory gone, for long all gone
Do you know where they all have gone

See the silent...

It seems that we shall realize the truth
Nothing changed except the colur of the blue
Let him wander through the land of morning dew
Where he shall find the truth
Hush hush hush hush
Don't make him think about his beat mistakes

See the silent...




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