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Deine Lakaien > Forest Enter Exit > 1 - Contact

Open your eyes now
Can you hear
Try to follow us
Have no fear
Space crusaders
Setting out for a
Civilization undiscoverd

Heavy ships sailing through the endless galaxies
And one is chosen to bring the torches of humanity
To unknown lands

Contact - it's all in vain
Contact - better leave them alone
Contact - talking to yourself
Contact - better stay on your own

Found a planet
Involved in war
Trying to win us for
Taking their part
No communication
Into confusion
Same as mother earth

Heavy ships sailing...

Contact - it's all in the vain

To a killing place
Messenger of the human race
Last ultimatum
Final embrance
The ignorant fool that he was

Heavy ships sailing
Through the endless galaxies
And Jesus Christ looked away
When they made the final strike
With the fires of embracing love

Contact - it's all in vain





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