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Cypress Hill > Cypress x Rusko > 1 - Lez Go

[Featuring: Travis Barker]

Let's Go (Rusko), Gotta let go [x?]

[Verse 1: Cypress Hill]
Never teams up in your dreams
Party machine like Charlie Sheen
We go hard, you know my team
Oh my god we're causing a scene
Inside dreams, so much steam
Part of my life is too obscene
Uncle Dean says he's a king
Close to the edge cause I'm extreme

Reigning supreme, you want my green
Lean on me I'm making the creme
Ball on fools, like Captain Kareem
Shoot em up - bang
Put a hole through your screen
Break the skin, no smokescreen
Partly a dream that you've foreseen
Just come clean, you want my scream
Party over here just don't intervene

Let's Go (Rusko), Gotta let go [x?]

[Verse 2: Cypress Hill]
Keep it loud, so much drive
Now we can ride by the party at five
We getting high, you getting high
Fucking with us, none will survive
Keep on pace where I stride
Hit you in the face with the bass no lie
Oh me, oh my, don't you try
You won't hang if the worlds collide

Beats and rhymes,all on time
We drop Gentsy propped on a dime
We got M6s all on your mind
Ain't no way you'll be stopping my grind
Hit rewind, see me shine
Life of the party, don't leave me behind
You might find the way I rock
Life of a thug, I'm robbing you blind

[Verse 3: Travis Barker]
Lock and load (lock and load)
Cock and squeeze - bang!
Get my dolls, do my shows
Homies, hoes, lots of smoke
That's my life on the road
Beats, throw, Jack and Coke
Choke at the games with the hits so flow
Backed with the fuck we came here for

This I own, dated alone
Cause no one ever asked me to get that low
Cause I've been on to rock that chrome
Rep L.A. cause that's my home
Underdegree chap with the microphone
Let's break this show, drop your tongue
No one sees what we get on
We on top where we belong




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