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Chuck Berry > Anthology > 38 - Confessin' the Blues

Baby here I stand before you
With my heart in my hand
I put it to you mama
Hoping that you'll understand

Oh, baby
Mama, please don't dog me 'round
Yeah I, I would rather love you, baby
Than anyone else I know in town
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsty.com/chuck-berry-confessin-the-blues-lyrics.html ]
This is my confession, Mama
And it's sung by all your song
It proves that I'm in heaven, Mama
When you hold me in your arms

Well, baby
Can I have you for myself
Yeah, if I can't have you, baby
I don't want nobody else

Well, baby
Don't you want a man like me
Well, baby
Don't you want a man like me
Yeah, think about your future, baby
Forget about your used to be




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