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Chris Norman

2011Time Traveller
2007Close Up
2006Coming Home
2006Million Miles
2005One acoustic evening - live at the Privat Music Club (cd 1)
2005One acoustic evening - Live in Vienna (cd 2)
2003Chris Norman Of Smokie Sings A Christmas Collection
2001Breathe Me In
1999Full Circle
1997Christmas Together
1997Into The Night
1995Every Little Thing
1994Screaming Love Album
1994The Album
1993Jealous Heart
1992The Growing Years
1991The Interchange
1989Break The Ice
1987Different Shades
1986Some Hearts Are Diamonds
1982Rock Away Your Teardrops


2010The Hits! Tour - Live at the Tempodrom, Berlin April 2009
2009The Hits! From His Smokie And Solo Years


2009The Hits! Tour - Live at the Tempodrom, Berlin April 2009

singly a EP

2011Chasing Cars
2009Endless Night
2006Without Your Love
2004Only You
2004Too Much /Without Yout Love
2003Keep talking
2002'Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu'
2000Mexican Girl
1999Oh Carol
1997Baby I miss you
1997Into the night
1996Fearless Hearts
1996Reflections of my life
1996Under your spell
1995Goodbye Lady Blue
1995Red hot screaming love
1994As good as it gets
1994I need your love
1994Wild wild angel
1993Come together
1993Growing Years
1993Jealous Heart
1991If you need my love tonight
1989Back again
1989Keep the candle burning
1988Broken heroes
1988I want to be needed
1988Ordinary heart
1988Wings of love
1987No arms can ever hold you
1986Midnight lady
1986Some hearts are diamonds
1984My girl and me
1983Love is a battlefield
1982Hey baby
1978Stumblin' in

 Chris Norman

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