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2008Dark Times | Desperate Measures
2007Shake The Foundations

singly a EP

2010Control Me / Thaw (Sidechain Remix)
2010Freestyle Maniac / Gutterkrunk
2010Smash & Grab / Taken
2010Stranger Danger / That Dudes A Shapeshifter
2010Whiskey Tango / The Sum Of All Things
2009Black Rose / Connected
2008Babylon (Limited Edition Sampler)
2008Between The Bars
2008Dark Times | Desperate Measures Part One
2008Dark Times | Desperate Measures Part Three
2008Dark Times | Desperate Measures Part Two
2007Black Salvation / Abyss Eclosion
2007Bunkerbuster / Smash Palace
2007Camouflage Re-Lick / Antisocial
2006Hardware Limited 03
2006Rokheadz / Red Mercury
2006Universe / Rapture
2006Unleash Me / Obstruction
2006Wounded Soul / Room Full Of Bullets
2006Wreckless Abandon / Deliverance
2005Baghdad Knights / Femme Fatal
2005Gangway / Encounters
2004Anaconda / Foundation
2004Cascade / What U Need
2004Disciple / Inhuman
2004Have You Ever / Change Me
2004Hit & Run / Filthy Sinner
2004Marvel Series Vol. 1
2004Mindframe / Hit Me
2004Pandemic / Flashback
2004Recoil / Syndicate
2004Sex Drive / Skrimshank
2003Gun Runner / Seduction
2003Scorched Earth (Kemal Remix) / Tick Tock
2003Shadow Play / Hardwired
2003Simple Man / 110
2002Double Dutch / Trigger
2002Electric Dreams / Smokescreen
2002Let It Move You / Trapdoor
2002Paradigm / Capture
2002Poker / Sign Of The Times
2002The Bends / Sanctuary
2001Anthrax / Lynch
2001Bombjack / The Birds
2001Communion / Hexagon
2001Deadman / Surge
2001Say Yeah / Real Freaks
2001The Klink / Jah No Dead
2001The Nephilim (Original) / The Nephilim (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)
2000Not Human / Echolon


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