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Bob Dylan > The Minnesota Tapes > 25 - Devilish Mary

When I was young and foolish
Swore I never would marry
I met up with a pretty little girl
Surely we got married

Along come a-dink come a-dary
Prettiest girl that ever I saw
Her name was Devilish Mary

We both were young and foolish
She was just a girly
On one word we did agree
The wedding day was Thursday


Hadn't been married but about six weeks
She got as mean as a devil
Every time I looked cross-eyed
She hit me in the head with a shovel


We hadn't been married but about six weeks
We decided to be parted
She packed up all her duds
And down the road she started


Fill my back with old soap suds
Fill my back with stitches
Next I would marry a girl
She can wear the britches


If I ever marry another girl
It'll be for love not riches
Marry a little girl about four feet high
So she can wear my britches





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