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Bloodpit > Bad-Ass Blues > 2 - Ace Of Dominion

He was a creative person. So fragile inside
He was the King of himself. Invincible warrior
Made strong to defend the weak. After all legitimate
Everyone knew except him. He had those X-ray eyes

He really thought that love was this nasty violent
He thought he was the fortunate one with all the scars

and the ball and chain
Reception of despise. Didn´t know what else it could
have been
Intact life -He never got to live that way. It went to
Then the misery filled his large vacuum

It felt so good in a dream
But this one is very real
And nothing wakes you up

Self-esteem began to vacillate by the evil words
Cried like a suicide wish. Needed a shelter from her
Once again he swallowed the words. Forever love in the
name of chains
Everyone knew except him. He had those X-ray eyes
He really thought...


He was a creative person. Now dead inside
Once known as the King of this world. Dictator ruler
But somehow he was dethroned by a revolution
He has these X-ray eyes and now he´s watching



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