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Bleeding Through > The Truth > 2 - Confession

Yesterday I reached my end.
Now I'm watching you leave me.
And today I feel sick. I hear voices now
This girl is killing. Her face was pale.
She couldnt't even shed a single tear over my lifeless body.
She dosn't realize because she never loved me.
Today I hate myself. Look what I've done to you.
See what you've done to me. You sent me straight to hell.
Now is this confession pointless. Was my love entirely useless?
She'll never know because I'm face down in the ground.
Underground. Face down underground. Tonight I killed myself.
They said a prayer standing over my body. Rusty casket.
Empty funeral. Is this confession pointless?
Was her love completely truth-less?
She dosn't care even now that I'm gone.
That night you left. The night I died.
The air was cold set for a brilliant suicide.
That night was still. The night you left was
The Night I Died


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