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Blanks 77 > Killer Blanks > 6 - Jehovahs Witness

Here they come knocking at my door
don't wanna hear it, can't take it no more
i'm still sleeping, can't you see
jehovahs witness, bothering me
We don't want no pamphlets
no donation from me,
you brainwashed tons o' people
but you'll never fool me
Get your hand outta the collection plate!
save that for the god you create!
chapels are made of silver and gold
your teaching is a scam for the money you hold
Why can't people just think for themselves
organized religion's a joke
believe what they say, don't question the word
I can't take it no more!
You drink his blood and eat his flesh
sounds pretty sick to me
why don't you just shut your mouth
why don't you just let me be!


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