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Blackfoot > Tomcattin > 10 - Fox Chase

Howdy folks, this is your old buddy Shorty Medlocke
I?d like to tell you about an old bunch of fox hounds I got
Ole Ring, an Ole Tige and Ole Rover
And when we start out across them Georgia hills a-huntin?
And them foxes sound something like this

(Harmonica)?Ooooh, ooh, ooh, git it sic em, catch it
(Harmonica)?Get em Ring. (Harmonica) ?Ooooh, ooh, ooh

Ahhh, Lets play a lil? song

Well I got in my pickup,
Four forty four
And the stakes kept on, and the black cat choked, and I was ready to stroll
And I crossed over into Texas, sucked to the fence and it didn?t want to go
Lord do you - slow, Honey I?ll do your foxes just like so many times before

Well I dropped the plastic seat, go man?s deep, with the promise of it right on time
Didn?t bring a jack bags of one on one and maybe just a little wine
We got the fruit of the spoons sex, bringin? live guns, seemed all ready to go
Baby, baby it?s too slow, we?ll be out doin? the foxes just like so many times before

Well eeee yeah

Woh, friends are free, do what we please put out a can of ale,
Dollar a dance, gonna get a romance, a lookin? for that girl
Well, somebody nowcall a doctor, sick on my knees, don?t think I?ll be happy to go
Is that the end of it, I don?t know, but I?ll be out doin? the foxes just like so many times before

Oh, I?m seein? them foxes


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