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Blackfoot > Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot > 8 - Steady Rockin'


I'm going out on the town, no monkey business I'm not fooling 'round,
Down on the corner signing with my friends, hip shakin'
action here we go again.
I'll do whatever it takes, any reason, rhyme, or rule I can break,
Got a true heart for excitement and fun, when I stop living,
well that's when I'm done.


Because I'm steady rockin', oh yes I'm steady rockin',
Well you don't know where I've been I might come again,
But I'll be Steady Rockin'.


Yes, I will be spinning my wheels, double or nothing whatever we feel,
Once we get started we'll go all the way, fast movin' action
with no words to say.
No, I won't be slowing it down, if you can't keep up I guess I'll
see you around,
But hold on I've gotta slam on the breaks, swear
I've never seen such a prettier face.


Let's take it slow now...
Don't et one moment escape,
I want to go now...
I'm so hot and I can't wait,
It feels so good now...
Oh we got nothin' to lose.


Because we're steady rockin', oh yes we're steady rockin',
Well you don't know where I've been I might not come again,
but I'll steady rockin'.

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
Words and music by: Rick Medlocke and Jerry Seay


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