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Blackfoot > Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot > 4 - Silent Type


First impression shy so insecure, wonder what's on her mind,
Second glance my way, I'm not sure is she flashing me that,
come on sign,
The silent type will steal your soul,
love you hot, leave you cold, take a young man and,
make him old, but I love the silent type...


Silent type, silent type, silent type,
oh, I love the silent type.


I was captured instantly by a voice, just above a whisper,
We sat, we talked for hours, convincing me, that I fall
madly in love with her.
Then the silent type stole my soul, she loved me hot, left me cold,
took this young man, and made him old, but I love the silent type.

Repeat Chorus


Quietly, she makes her move, oh she knows what she wants to prove,
She's so slick, she's so smooth, when she starts to hit the groove.

Repeat Chorus
Words and music by: Doug Bare


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