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Blackfoot > Marauder > 4 - Too Hard to Handle

Down South, South of the border
At a new sunrise where the
workin' woman hates law & order
Oooo those chaquitas with incredible thighs

Too hard to handle, they're too hard for you
Too hard to handle, they're too hard,
They're too tough for you

Small time gambler lays down his money
to play some five card stud
But the big time winner really was the loser
He caught a case of an unlucky love

Repeat Chorus

Cause sweet Lolita's hotter than a pepper
You know her pepper's gonna burn you in two
She's a young man's dream, every Mother's nightmare
Pure woman through and through
Don't take no chances on hot romances
such as this one
It may happen to you

Repeat chorus

Cause there's no future with a snake-eyed lover
She's hung up on them ups & downs
But if you're lonely, think you're the only
Her love's the best, it's the hottest in town, ah yes!
Words and music by: Rickey Medlocke, Jakson Spires


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