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Blackfoot > Marauder > 7 - Fire of the Dragon

A young man lies with a needle in his arm,
China white in his hand
Say a little prayer for his unlucky soul
It's so sad, so sad
Fire Of The Dragon
Fire Of The Dragon

The scene was set and the time was right
A pretty girl walked the streets
Lookin' for a hand out
Turn a trick or two and she'll get
Just what she needs

'Cause it's the outlaw in the city
Voodoo in our town
Steals the life from those you pity
And leaves them under the ground

- Chorus:
Fire Of The Dragon
He left his mark all over your hands
Dirty Dragon and took 'em to their
Promised land

Cat Brown has a hit the streets
Middle East struck again
When you're shakin' and your body's so weak
It seems you just can't win
So at night when you're naked with your bride
Think about what I've said
Think about the young man and his lady love
It's so sad, so bad

'Cause it's the outlaw in your city
Voodoo in the town
Stole the life from those you pitied
And left them under the ground

Repeat Chorus
Words and music by: Rick Medlocke, Jakson Spires


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