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Black Milk (CZ) > Sedmkrát > 4 - Same Day Twice


Every day I see, theres something new to me,
Things always change thats a fact of life,
You can never wake up to the same day twice.
Everyway I see, something new feels good to me,
I could stay, I could go, I could just take flight
You'll never wake up to the same day twice,

Verse 1:

Trying to find myself today, sometimes life gets in the way,
All I'm looking for is some peace of mind,
Was quiet now its too loud, suns up then storms a cloud,
Sometimes i wish things would stay the same,
in this world that's always changing


Verse 2:

im getting sick of this old scene, you and me its the same routine,
'coz forever is only a state of mind,
'coz you're preoccupided, I think its justified,
That i cant help think about someone new,
we were scared to open our eyes


Bridge :

If yesterday was repeated today,
Would the choices you made still have been OK,
Would the grass be just as green,
Would you say what you said although it was mean,
And Tell me would you have tried a little harder,
So I could have been with someone smarter,
If you ran in that race would you still come in last,
Would you let time have past you by so fast,


Vamp (BG Vox)

Everything I see's something new to me,
You can never wake up to the same day tiwce




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